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Spray Booth Repair

We Service All Makes And Models

At Spray Booth Services, we service all makes and models of spray booths, and we are renowned for our specialized knowledge and experience working with this specific type of industrial equipment. In 2017, we even opened our own training center to properly train service technicians on the intricacies and specifics of servicing and maintaining spray booths and manufacturer-specific control panels.

Properly servicing your spray booth throughout its service life is just as important as choosing a quality spray booth from the offset, especially if you want to maintain a consistent level of operational efficiency, maximize your spray booth’s longevity and reduce its whole-life cost. Your in-house maintenance personnel and most service contractors may be able to keep your equipment operational, but it takes spray booth experts with decades of institutional experience to properly recognize equipment inefficiencies that may be reducing your productivity or even creating safety or compliance issues.

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