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Filter FAQs - Paint Booth Maintenance

You have many choices available when it comes to purchasing a filter, but not all filters and filter purchases are equal. Some filters include installation services, while others include installation by shop personnel. It’s important to know exactly what you need before you complete your purchase.

paint booth maintenance

You may be tempted to purchase a less-expensive filter, but don’t be fooled – an inferior filter may be costlier to your business in the long run, as a lack of quality air diffusion can damage your paint booth. We discourage our customers from purchasing fiberglass filters for this exact reason. Instead of settling for fiberglass, we recommend choosing a polyester-type product.

Determining The Right Filter For Your Booth

Before you begin the process of replacing the filter on your equipment, it is vital that you accurately measure to ensure that you’re purchasing the right filter. We see filters cut short and not wide enough quite often. The air that will bypass the filter has paint in it that attaches to fan blades and causes them to operate out of balance. This leads to vibration of the system that damages bearings and other components and loosens electrical connections causing additional failures.

It’s important to learn how to determine when a dirty filter needs to be changed. Filters should be replaced when the static pressure across the filter has exceeded the point at which the fan can no longer effectively overcome it. If you need assistance making this determination by sight alone, our paint booth maintenance expert on filters should be consulted.