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Booth Monitoring Services: Spray and Paint Booth Maintenance

Automatic Notification of Dirty Filters and Booth Issues

If you’re unsure whether your air filtration system is operating at peak efficiency, don’t leave it up to chance!

Our proprietary monitoring system alerts you when your booth is not operating at peak performance. With monitoring points on the exhaust, intake, burner, and other components, a real-time live report is available anywhere you have access to a computer. Making sure that your booth is operating at peak efficiency means you will spend less money on downtime from inoperable equipment to saving even more by spending less time buffing and polishing to have a perfect finish. In addition, when our system notices a problem, it will email you letting you know before a costly breakdown could happen! Contact us today about how we can install and paint booth maintenance our system and show you how Airflow = Cashflow.

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Spray Booth Monitoring System Video