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Spray Booth Services – Nationwide Maintenance

Spay Booth Services has taken on the challenge of correcting the many errors and misinformation that are present in the paint industry. With knowledge and experience, an option is now available nationwide to paint shops to correctly maintain and upgrade their equipment to ensure peak performance.

After diagnosing and evaluating equipment within a location in person by a trained representative, a comprehensive plan is created. The comprehensive plan includes a process to bring the equipment up to peak operating capabilities as well as a detailed plan on how to maintain the equipment to ensure longevity and quality of paint finishes for customers. Call us at 888-91-BOOTH today.

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Peak Operating Paint Booths Deserve A Quality Maintenance Program

Spray Booth Service has developed a program to meet the demands of shop owners and managers to increase the return on investments as well as cut overhead costs by reducing the need to fix costly mistakes.

What is the good in owning a spray booth that works less then as good as it can? Why would you not want your painter to stay in the booth to apply all coats instead of leaving the booth 5-10 minutes between coats because of imbalanced air flow? Get cleaner paint jobs that require minor de-nibbing and a quick polish. Think of all the lost time and materials expense because of blocking entire panels to remove dust particles. Our process and programs free up time and save you money!

4 Steps To A Properly Maintained Spray Booth

Step 1

Perform comprehensive evaluation to determine what needs to be done to get the piece of equipment working like new OR better.

Step 2

Complete the repairs.

Step 3

Install Spray Booth Services Proprietary Monitoring System.

Step 4

Implement our mechanical scheduled service program every 6 months to keep your equipment working the way it is designed to.

Peace Of Mind With Spray Booth Services Remote Monitoring Services

We all get busy and sometimes overlook checking our equipment for proper operation. With Spray Booth Services remote monitoring program, we have it covered. With our proprietary equipment and monitoring software, we monitor the airflow and functions of your paint booth in real-time. When an issue is detected, we will contact you to inform you of the issue and get you back up and running at peak efficiency. In addition, you can log in anywhere in the world at any time to check the status of your equipment. This is the perfect solution for single location operations as well as nation wide operations to monitor quality control and maximize productivity.

– Monitoring equipment can monitor multiple booths within a location
– No internet connection needed, device is monitored wirelessly
– Real-time reporting to maximize efficiency and productivity

Regularly Scheduled Filter Delivery – DIRECT TO YOU!

Not all filters are created equal. With many types, styles, and sizes available, make sure you have the correct filters to maximize airflow and productivity.

Don’t worry about calling all over town trying to source filters locally, sending a shop person to pick them up, and then finding the quality to not be the best. With Spray Booth Services standardized filter replenishment program, we will send everything you will need to do a complete filter change between your 6 month complete equipment maintenance and evaluation.

We make it easy. After setting up a schedule with us based on your equipment filter usage, we will direct ship the exact materials your equipment requires. When your package arrives, you will know it is time to do your filter change – no more forgetting about ordering filters and having less than ideal air flow that is costing you efficiency and extra finishing labor and materials.

Not only do we direct ship filters, we can also ship cleaning products to clean your painters spray guns and additional products for your booth. Contact us for details.

About Us

Ensuring Peak Performance

A poorly or improperly maintained paint booth is not only a safety hazard, but is a drain on your company’s profits. By having adequate air flow as well as precisely calibrated equipment, your booth can operate at optimal levels and save you money!

By the creation of Spray Booth Services, a division of John Baker Sales, an option is now available nationwide to paint shops to correctly maintain and upgrade their equipment to ensure peak performance.

Who is John Baker?

John Baker’s journey into understanding paint, airflow, and spray booths started many years ago. He was hired in his early twenties to run a paint store. During this time he was introduced to many paint representatives and was helping solve problems associated with paint. In his thirties, he went to work for a mechanical contractor where he worked alongside service technicians to learn how to maximize paint booth productivity by balancing air flow. John witnessed many problems and quickly learned how to help the customers. His passion for spray booths and helping customers solve problems led John to opening his own company, John Baker Sales.

John understands the frustrations of not having a spray booth operate the way it was meant to. It effects everyone associated with the company. To even further help our customers, John installed his very own spray booth and opened JBS training center in 2017. The reason John Baker is in this industry is the same reason people seek him. He understands cares and knows how to install, fix and maintain spray booths.

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