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Spray Booth ServicesHow Did Spray Booth Services Grow To Where It Is Today??

John Baker, the founder of Spray Booth Services, journey into understanding paint, airflow, and spray booths started many years ago. He was hired in his early twenties to run a paint store. During this time he was introduced to many paint representatives and was helping solve problems associated with paint. In his thirties, he went to work for a mechanical contractor where he worked alongside service technicians to learn how to maximize paint booth productivity by balancing airflow. John witnessed many problems and quickly learned how to help the customers. His passion for spray booth service and helping customers solve problems led John to open his own company, 

John understands the frustrations of not having a spray booth operate the way it was meant to. It affects everyone associated with the company. To even further help the customer, John installed his very own spray booth and opened the JBS training center in 2017. The reason John Baker is in this industry is the same reason people seek him: He understands, cares, and knows how to install, fix and maintain spray booths.

Spray Booth Services - Colorado and  Texas Maintenance


With a vast background of knowledge, John Baker has taken on the challenge of correcting the many errors and misinformation that are present in the paint industry. With the creation of Spray Booth Services, a division of John Baker Sales, an option is now available nationwide to paint shops to correctly maintain and upgrade their equipment to ensure peak performance.

After diagnosing and evaluating equipment within a location in person by a certified technician, a comprehensive plan is created. The comprehensive plan includes a process to bring the equipment up to peak operating capabilities as well as a detailed plan on how to maintain the equipment to ensure longevity and quality of paint finishes for customers.

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