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High Efficiency FIlterHigh Efficiency FIlterAndrea Floor FilterHigh Efficiency FIlterHigh Efficiency FIlter
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Poor Airflow can cause your paint finishes to have a poor result as well as many other problems.  When a filter begins to fill with paint residue, airflow is minimized causing quality control and efficiency issues.  The Andreae filter collection features a special design which captures paint residue, but still allows airflow to move at optimal speeds as if the filter was clean.

Andreae High Efficiency Filter

With the design of Andreae filters, airflow that is loaded with paint particles (overspray) will suffer several radical changes in direction as it moves through the filter chambers. These paint particles, heavier than air, follow the air movement and fall out of the air stream as it flows through each layer. Thus paint particles will accumulate in the retention pockets, outside of the air stream, allowing the airflow to exit the filter virtually free of any overspray. As a result, the capacity of the filter can hold up to 5 times more than common mesh filters. Consequently, the static pressure within the booth increases slowly. This has two main advantages; the spray booth stays cleaner longer and the airflow around the coated parts stays uniform throughout the life of the filters.

Andreae Filter Design

The Andreae High Efficiency Filter will bring a filtration efficiency near 100% while keeping the high loading capacity of the Andreae Original filter. The High Efficiency Filter is made with 2 layers of heavy “kraft” paper, punched, pleated and glued together completed with a polyester layer on its back increasing its filtration efficiency. 

Save time and money by scheduling less down time for filter changes, purchasing less filtration media, and by having maximum airflow within your booth providing a higher quality finish. 

Installing Andreae Filter

The Andreae filter easily fits into your existing downdraft spray booth pans with no modifications.  Filters are run in the opposite direction compared to a standard polyester or fiberglass filter normally across the width of the booth.  Take the cardboard at the end of each filter and hang it over the lip of your pan to hold it in place.  If the filter is a little wide for the pan, feed one side of the filter into the pan and use the grate to "crunch" the last little portion to make it fit.  This ensures a tight fit to collect paint overspray and does not impact any airflow!

Andreae Product Selection:

Andreae Original Filter:

Models: AF813, AF113, AF213, AF413

The pleated cardboard Andreae Filters allow for a longer uninterrupted spray booth operation than any other exhaust filter media while maintaining uniform airflow. Compact and easy to ship and store. You can use the pictures 1 & 2 from the Andreae filters package

Andreae High Efficiency Filter
Andreae High Efficiency Filter:

Models: AF123, AF923, AF223, AF423

The Andreae HE Filter backed with a polyester layer hits a 99+% efficiency while keeping the high loading capacity of the Andreae Original filter. Compact and easy to ship and store. You can use the pictures 3 & 4 from the

Andreae filters package uCube:

Models: UC3111 & UC5111

The uCube filter is a new approach to high paint consumption spray booths reducing up to 10 times maintenance costs due to its very high loading capacity of to 40lbs per 20’’ x 20’’ pad with a filtration efficiency reaching 99+%. The uCube is the best solution for high paint consumption spray booth operations. 

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