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25" x 75" 6/SET 3 Ply Link Spray Booth Prefilter Panel

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25" x 75" 3 Ply Link 6/SET Spray Booth Prefilter Panel - SBS0162525756

These panels and links are designed for heavy duty yet economical crossdraft intake air filtration in paint spray booths in the automotive refinishing and industrial finishing markets. The filter media is 80% efficiency on 10 microns. Two layers, 100% polyester, 3-ply media with downstream tackifier. Heat sealed to 9 gauge internal support frame. 

Note: Color and exact style may differ from item shown.  Product performance will remain the same. 


  • Pre-filter will fit Binks Pyramid paint spray booths
  • Pre-filter will fit Binks Sprayoven paint spray booths
  • Pre-filter will fit Binks Surround Air paint spray booths


Type: Filters